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Does your business donate or volunteer for a cause?
Is your business committed to serving the community?

SEEKING: Impact-Driven Businesses

West Michigan Consulting Services wants to partner with any business that is concerned with their outcomes and impact within the greater community. Businesses that are committed to doing good, giving back, and changing the world. Businesses that value social justice, increasing equity, and finding ethical, sustainable solutions for problems. 

Corporate Social

responsibility strategy

Regardless of size, many businesses make charitable donations throughout the year. This can be a great way to demonstrate a commitment to the company’s values and provide great marketing content.  But, unlike the giant corporations with abundant resources, how can your business determine where, when, and how to give to create the most impact?

No matter the field, specialty, product, or service, let’s make your business donations work. 

impact-marketing strategy

Data shows that taking a stand and supporting a cause make good business-sense. An overwhelming majority of consumers believe that a brand should take a stance on societal issues and will support those that align with their values. 

Develop an impact-marketing strategy that will show your clients and supporters the way your business is effecting change. 

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